Scientific and Organizing Committee:


John Stachel (Center for Einstein Studies, Boston university)
Roger Penrose (Oxford)
Jeremy Butterfield (Cambridge)
Jürgen Renn (MPIWG, Max Planck Institut)
Don Howard (University of Notre Dame)
Frédéric Hélein (Université D. Diderot Paris7)
Thierry Masson (CPT, Marseille)
Cécile Barbachoux (Lerma, Université de Nice SA, ESPE)
Joseph Kouneiher (Université de Nice SA, ESPE)
Kaća Bradonjić (Wellesley College)
Dimitri Vey (Université D. Diderot Paris7)

Local organizing Committee: Cécile Barbachoux, Frédéric Hélein, Joseph Kouneiher, Julien Page, Dimitri Vey, Michael Wright, with the help of Michel Perault.

On behalf of the local organizing committee, we acknowledge the following persons that have made possible this event: Michel Perault (Director LERMA) for his support, his presence, participation and for the opening of the workshop .A special thanks to the IHP through Jean-Philippe Uzan for its support and participation in the opening of the second day. Cedric Villani (Director of IHP) for its support at the outset of the project, thanks to its support that the workshop could take place as well as all lecturers.

Thanks to the staff who helped: Batrice GUIBAL, Laurent Girot (LERMA), Florence Ladjoinie, Jean luc Giroud, Brigitte Bonny (IHP) and finally thanks to the group of students who made the reception: Alexandra Bruzzo, Celina Guintrand, Salma Benabdallah, Mamadi Doumbouya